DAVE HUTER — 5th Degree Black Belt
(with 10th Degree Grandmaster Bob Zange)
Black Belt Instructor since 2002.
Over 20 years training in Martial Arts and teaching with Zange’s Martial Arts of Chicago.
Champion Black Belt Tournament Competitor.
​More than 150 underbelt tournament trophies.
Six-time underbelt National Champion in the American Karate Association (AKA).
Accomplished instructor in Hapkido, Tae Kwon Do, Arnis, and Tai Chi.

FRANK DIPAOLO — 4th Degree Black Belt
(with 10th Degree Grandmaster Bob Zange)
Lifelong Chicago resident and devoted Martial Artist since age seven.
Has trained, instructed, and competed with Chicago’s “Zange’s Martial Arts” for over thirty-five years.
Multiple amateur fighting and forms championships with Midwest Tournament Circuit, American Karate Association, and the Professional Kickboxing Commission (PKC).
Over 250 wins and several international tournament championships.

Ed Thoma
2nd Degree Black Belt
Emily Welch
1st Degree Black Belt

Mick Cruz
Black Belt