“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it.”

~ Earl Nightingale

(adapted from “Make Yourself Unforgettable: The Dale Carnegie Class Act System”)

On our Martial Arts journey through the under-belt ranks, we must realize that earning a Black Belt can’t be rushed; there are no shortcuts. It’s important to be patient as we learn new skills, develop new techniques, and put in the work required to advance to each new level. Here are some ways that you can apply patience to get the most out of your training:

Patience is…

…the ability to wait without experiencing anger, anxiety, or frustration.

Patience is…

…the ability to detach from the need for immediate gratification.

Exercising Patience

1) Accept the fact that everything takes time

2) Reframe your perspective on the past, present, & future

3) Break down larger goals into short-term objectives

4) Forgive yourself for being imperfect

5) Become sensitive to other people’s realities.

Develop patience by…

…focusing on positives & progress

…expecting setbacks & mistakes

…taking it one day at a time

…writing down thoughts on patience

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