From “Black Belt Goals” by Grand Master Bob Zange

In all areas of learning, it’s important to master the fundamentals, the basics, the “ABCs.” Here are the ABCs of Martial Arts from our Master Instructor, Bob Zange:

If your attitude is good, everything goes a lot easier. Everything in life is easier with the proper attitude! Stay focused on the path. Hang around with friends that have the same attitude that you do; positive, going forward!

Doesn’t mean balance where you’re going to throw a kick and fall over or trip going down the stairs. You want balance in everything you do in your life. You want to balance your checkbook…balance your time! People say, “Oh I don’t have time to take practice,” or “I don’t have time to practice on my own,” Balance your time! Get away from the television set a little bit and you’ll have a LOT more time. All in the balance!

Challenge yourself, whether you want to do something different, whether you want to swim a mile…do you want to do a triathlon? Do you want to do something else? What is your next GOAL that you’re going to attain? Martial Arts gives you all types of goals, whether it’s your next belt rank, your next competition…you decide; YOU accept the challenge!…if not –you hit the letter “D,” which you don’t want, and that’s “Disappointments…” so many students say how disappointed they were that they never got their Black Belt—that’s why there’s BLACK BELT GOALS!

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