If you have to protect yourself with a straight punch, be sure to keep your hands up and punch through your target – aim for a spot behind your attacker’s head. Your knees should stay bent so your feet can move. Throw your punch straight out and then bring your hand straight back to protect your face!

To throw a great self-defense straight punch, REMEMBER:
Don’t “wind up” – make your punch a “surprise” and use your body mechanics to punch fast and straight on target
Keep your other hand up – the hand that’s not punching should be near your face to guard you from being hit
Elbows should stay by your ribs – when you’re ready to punch, “launch” your elbow from your hip
Your fist should be tight, and your wrist should be straight – fold your thumb over to make your fist a weapon
Be prepared to strike to the face – this is only for when you’re in danger, so be ready to keep punching