Training in Martial Arts provides many benefits, so for the best outcome from the investment of finances, time, and organizing your activities, it should be a full-family commitment. To help your students’ long-term success and for them to get the most out of their training, it’s important that parents and family members show the proper attitude and keep up the best environment. Here are a few positive ways parents should help students on their quest for Black Belt Excellence:
• Keep Your Students Motivated
Encourage students to always keep trying to improve, and when they do well, use positive reinforcement. Help them to accept that bad days can happen and to understand that it takes hard work and dedication to keep having good classes. Remind them that everyone moves at a different pace! When training gets difficult or they struggle, remind your students that if earning their Black Belt was easy, it would be less valuable if everyone had one. Your instructors are here to help, so bring us your questions and concerns so we can work with your students and help them move forward! We all want your kids to succeed, so let us know where they need extra help!
• Make Sure Your Student Has Good Attendance and Comes to Class on Time
Coming on time to every class each week reinforces the valuable trait of punctuality, helps your children develop proper techniques with the best attitude, and gets them the best return on their time in the gym. Consistent attendance improves students’ advancement because they learn what’s needed for promotion. Class starts on time, so make every effort to arrive 15 minutes early to fill water bottles, remove shoes, and start stretching. Intermediate and advanced students should attend both classes to reinforce their fundamentals and learn by helping to teach.
• Encourage Students to Try Their Best
Giving your best effort is a must in Martial Arts. All students need to try hard at class to learn new techniques and to show their progress! Your children need to show the instructors that they’re serious about making progress!
• Help Students Do At-Home Workouts
To make Martial Arts skills and techniques automatic, it’s critical that practitioners work out at home. It’s the best way to build on the few hours spent at class during the week!
• Watch Your Students at Class
Students feel supported when family members quietly and respectfully watch them in class. After class, be ready to discuss with your students how well they did and talk about areas needing improvement.
• Join the Class and Train with Your Child
Learning Martial Arts along with your student can help you both to advance, and if you help each other, then you grow together!
• Help Your Students to Be Ready to Test Regularly
The best way for your kids to earn their next rank is to be ready to stripe test for their instructors. Work together on techniques, requirements, and testing – you’re in this together! Help them get ready to promote and work toward their goals!
• Promote Participation in Local Tournaments
Competing at tournaments is a great way to improve skill in the Martial Arts, so make it a point to watch tournaments, then work with your instructors to help your students get ready to compete and perform at a higher level!
• Set Martial Arts Goals
Help your children to set goals – winning First Place in a Tournament, promoting to their next belt ranks, improving their stances, etc. – so they can make progress and become better Martial Artists!