UNIFORMS: You may purchase your uniform through Kickin’ Around Martial Arts. Your full uniform (jacket and pants) must be worn to all classes and must be clean. If your pants are too long, then they must be hemmed in order to prevent tripping or slipping during workouts. In the Summer and other months when the weather is warmer, a Kickin’ Around School T-Shirt may be worn. Students who were enrolled with Zange’s Martial Arts at the time of our transition may wear either their Zange’s T-shirts or Kickin’ Around School T-shirts. The start and end dates when T-shirts may be worn will be announced during class.

STUDENTS: Arriving at class on time is your responsibility. Have your uniform already on and arrive at least 10 minutes before your class is scheduled to start. Bow in and warm up with light exercises and stretches.

PARENTS: Please consider joining the class along with your child. If you are unable, then you are always invited to stay and watch your child in class. Please keep your conversations at a low volume and avoid talking to your child while class is in session. For your child’s safety and progress, it is important that his or her attention remains focused on the instructor conducting the class. If you must leave while your child is training, please take responsibility for returning for your child promptly when the class has ended. If you need our instructors to wait with your child after class is scheduled to end, please meet with us and arrange this at the beginning of the class.

BELT RANK PROMOTIONS: Promotion tests are scheduled three times per year. Regular class is usually cancelled for promotion tests, which are CLOSED to spectators; however, we will occasionally hold promotions during class. Between belt rank promotion tests, each student must successfully complete two stripe tests. Instructors award a ribbon signifying progress made at the current belt level. When a student has been awarded both stripes, it is an indication that they are ready to test for promotion to the next belt rank. Each ribbon is to be sewn on the student’s belt as it is earned, and both stripes must be attached to the belt before taking the promotion test.
Parents and family members are ALWAYS encouraged to attend the belt presentations.

CLASS FEES AND OTHER COSTS: Our martial arts training program and our tai chi program are ongoing; new students can join our classes at any time. When you enroll at Kickin’ Around Martial Arts and your membership is due to renew, you will receive a notification showing the expiration date for your chosen training period. We accept credit cards, cash, or checks and all fees are payable upfront. We offer a very affordable program and therefore cannot accept monthly payments. We highly encourage parents to train with their children, and discounts are offered for additional immediate family members.
CALL Dave at 773-280-KICK for more details or email us at

Martial Arts Instruction: Train on Tuesday and Thursday evenings (Novices at 6:30 PM, Intermediate & Advanced Ranks from 7:30 to 8:30 PM).
Your best value is the one-year tuition of $300.00 payable in full.
Or pay twice a year: for six months training, the fee is $200.00.
Required Uniform: $50.00
Stripe Testing fee: none
Belt Rank Testing fee: $25.00
We run specials at various times throughout the year; call Dave at 773-280-KICK (5425) for more information about our current offers.

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