Try to stay away from violent situations and violent people. A violent situationcan be very complicated and hard to navigate while it’s happening. It’s important to remember that a person who’s confronting you has his or her own issues and probably has a lot going on that you don’t know about. STAY COOL

• Don’t Give the violent person an excuse to attack you.
• Don’t Insult –keep your cool and try to be nice. It’s better to hold your tongue than get hit.
• Don’t Challenge –no one needs to be a “bigger dog,” so it’s OK to not compare or compete.
• Don’t Threaten –acting dangerous or saying you’ll hurt him or her is a sure was to get someone riled up.
• Don’t Deny It’s happening–if violence starts, try to stay in the moment and trust your training.
• Don’t Command –pushing him or her around will add to the anger, so remember…
1) ask…2) tell…3) order.
• DO Give Him or Her a Face-Saving Exit–let the bully feel like walking away with his or her pride intact.
All without getting physical!

Among the goals of training in the Martial Arts is learning how to improve your awareness and carry yourself with confidence. Showing respect to others and being alert to trouble can help you stay safe.

Never Let Your Guard Down!