(From the Sifu Singh Video and Budo Brothers on Facebook)

Q: What kind of punch could be coming at you?

1) Sucker Punch – from outside your awareness, possibly from the side, if you’re occupied with another threat

2) Haymaker (Looping) Punch – Big swing, usually from the outside, comes at you like a club

3) Punches from a Stance or from “Posturing” – possibly straight punches or other punches rooted in boxing

Q: How can you tell where the punch is coming from?

1) Check puncher’s angle/ shoulder – if he starts to blade off, the punch will probably come from the rear hand

2) Watch for the lower-hanging arm – the punching arm could hang lower than the non-punching hand

Q: What are ways to avoid the punch?

1) *IMPORTANT* create space – Move on angles, add distance, and keep puncher outside your combat range

Keep your hands up in non-aggressive/blocking position, speak loudly and assertively to slow down the attacker – if he keeps coming, intercept with an attack (eye gouge, leg kick) and get away

2) (When the puncher is in a stance) use footwork – bend your knees and be ready to keep moving

3) Protect with your hands – keep your hands on the center line and block and parry to flow into counterattack

4) Move your head and torso – use body movement to avoid punches and stay out of the puncher’s range

Keep moving and use all three aspects (footwork/hands/body movement) to avoid the attacker’s punch.

Similar to Tai Chi, the legs are the mountains, the torso is the water, and the hands are the clouds.