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Helpful Martial Arts Training Articles
Learn about ways to get the most from your Martial Arts Training at class, at home, and out in the world.

Martial Arts Mindset
Visit this page to read insightful articles on your training and Living the Martial Arts Lifestyle…

Workout Tips
Streamlining your workouts can help you get more out of training at home. CLICK HERE for an article that has some great ideas!

Home Workouts to Help You Improve
When practicing at home, remember to stretch before and after working out.
Riding bikes, running at the park, and doing activities with lots of movement, like soccer and swimming, will help build your aerobic capacity and improve your overall endurance.
Strength training is important to your Martial Arts development, so add the “50-50-50” drill to your workouts at home (50 of each):
Squats / Push-Ups / Drop-Knee Side Kicks / For added variety, you can switch one exercise each day with crunches, 50-second planks, or knee-ups.  Work out at home — your commitment to Martial Arts will show. Train Like a Warrior Today!

Teen Dating Safety
Your teen may not realize he or she is in a potentially dangerous relationship. Recognizing the warning signs can help your teenager stay safe. Click HERE to read full article…

The Martial Way
One of our favorite martial arts books is Living The Martial Way by Capt. Forrest E. Morgan. It gives you a step-by-step approach to applying the Japanese warrior’s mindset to martial training and daily life.
The Martial Way is a way of living. You’ll learn discipline, self-control, and how to achieve excellence in school, at work, and in all areas of your life. At our school, you’ll do more than play a sport or have a hobby…the Martial Way is a way to live.
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A recent study showed that parents enroll their children in Martial Arts for these 10 main reasons: 
• Physical Fitness
• Self-Discipline
• Self-Defense
• Following Role Models 
• Bullying Prevention
• Change from Team Sports
• Ease of Participation
• Affordability
• Goal Setting and Achievement
• Convenience 
Tell other parents how their kids can improve their focus, feel more confident, and learn self-defense! Talk about how martial arts has helped your child and it could help their families, too!

American Karate Association (AKA)
FOUNDED IN 1964, the AKA has grown to be one of the oldest and largest martial arts associations in the country. Steeped in tradition, the American Karate Association continues to uphold the ways and customs of the past, while nurturing the talent of the future.
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